Clan Donald USA Internship Program

What does it mean to be a member of a clan in the 21st century? How do we engage with our members and potential members? How do we provide a meaningful experience for the Children of Donald across the board – all ages, interests, places we call home? I believe a critical part of this is to provide opportunities for the younger generations of Clan Donald to offer their time and talents in a meaningful and mutually beneficial way, by offering volunteer internships working with an experienced mentor to build experience in a real-world professional setting that will provide valuable career experience while helping Clan Donald USA move our mission forward.

As Clan Donald USA Art Director, I am excited to announce a call for Graphic Design internship through Clan Donald USA starting in May and will soon be announcing internships for Web development.

Our vision is to utilize our organizational resources to help the community realize its vision, by engaging and integrating the younger members of Clan Donald to help us achieve our full potential of demonstrating what it means to be an active community-based functioning clan in the 21st century. Our goal is to serve as a community leader to improve the quality of life by paying forward to the younger generations, mentoring and helping provide a base for chosen careers.

The intern(s) will work under the supervision of the CDUSA Art Director who is responsible for Communications, Marketing, Social Media and Public Relations functions of CDUSA.

Responsibilities include:

  • Design clear engaging graphic communications for print and web. This will include marketing/communications, direct mail pieces, web site and social media, banners, flyers, heraldry support and other collateral materials as needed.
  • Work closely with the Art Director to translate messaging concepts into marketing messages, materials and artwork.
  • Assist the Art Director and Clan Donald with other projects TBD.

Skills & Qualifications Required:

  • Applicant must be an individual member of Clan Donald USA
  • Currently in year 3 or 4 of bachelor’s degree, or graduate degree at an accredited University/College
  • Preferred degree of study in graphic design, visual communications, marketing, advertising, or closely related field
    Individual should be able to craft and execute a vision with creativity and style
  • Creative self-starter who is comfortable with both taking initiative and working in collaboration
  • MUST be proficient in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, & Photoshop and/or other common design applications
  • Ideal candidate will be energetic, task-oriented, and creative with strong work ethic and positive attitude
    Ability to communicate well with others and maintain a professional demeanor
  • Desire to serve in a nonprofit working environment

Time Requirements

  • Up to 10 hours per week for the length of the internship. Internship hours will be structured around school schedules and related deadlines. Most work is performed during standard business hours.
  • Submission of application for internship must be accompanied with an on-line or pdf portfolio for review.
  • A current University/college transcript must be submitted with the application and portfolio

Please click on the application image below to open the application.

This is just the beginning. CDUSA is looking forward to the day when our mentor/internship programs extend to Copywriter/Press, Fundraising, Hospitality & Events Planning, Editorial/Online, Cultural Arts & Entertainment, Energy/Environment, Faith and Public Life, Genealogy/DNA, Library/Historical/Archive, Video/Film production and someday soon, internships abroad. This will only be possible with the help of our members who have experience in these fields and others that would provide good intern experiences. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please contact me at .

Onward & Upward, family is everything.


Shawn McDonald
CDUSA Art Director


 CDUSA Internship Program ApplicationClick on image for application

Clan Donald USA Scholarship Program


Clan Donald USA grants up to four scholarships annually.  Funding for these scholarships comes from the Clan Donald Foundation Memorial Scholarship Fund through donations made to the Foundation in memory of Clan Donald family and friends.


Ellice & Rosa McDonald Academic Scholarship

The Ellice & Rosa McDonald Academic Scholarship is a one-time scholarship of up to $5,000 for an undergraduate or graduate student.

  • To be eligible for this scholarship, an applicant must be a US citizen and an active member of Clan Donald USA, thier spouse and their children (under 18). Members include all Life, Annual & Youth memberships.  The applicant must also be a full time undergraduate or graduate student who is enrolled in or has been accepted to an accredited college or university in the US, Canada, or Great Britain.
  • This scholarship is awarded for the study of Scottish Culture in any form, or for study at an accredited institution of higher learning in Scotland.


Audie Gammon Memorial Scholarship

The Audie Gammon Memorial Scholarship is a $500 scholarship for the study of Piping, Drumming, or Fiddling.

  • This scholarship is limited to members of Clan Donald USA and their children (under 18).  Members include all Life, Annual & Youth memberships.
  • To be eligible for this scholarship, an applicant must be less than 18 years old and have at least two years experience on his or her instrument.
  • This scholarship is awarded for instruction at an accredited North American School, with preference given to St. Anne’s Gaelic College in Nova Scotia.


David M. Rankin & Forrest and Helen MacDonald Scholarships

The David M. Rankin and the Forrest and Helen MacDonald Scholarships are $500 scholarships for studies in all areas of Scottish, Gaelic, or Celtic culture.

  • These scholarships are limited to members of Clan Donald USA, their spouse and their children (under 18).  Members include all Life, Annual & Youth memberships. They may be used for studies in all areas of Clan Donald, Scottish, Gaelic, or Celtic culture, including music, dancing, history, language, and archeology.


How to Apply

To apply for any of these scholarships, please sign into your account and navigate to the Application & Donation Forms page on the menu to the upper right and follow the instructions there.


How to Donate

To make contributions to the Clan Donald Memorial Scholarship Fund, please send your check, along with how you would like the donation acknowledged, to the Clan Donald Foundation:

Clan Donald Foundation, Inc.
PO Box 73491
Newnan, GA 30271


Or Donate Online:


Audie Gammon Memorial Scholarship                                         



Ellice & Rosa McDonald Academic  Scholarship                                 


David M. Rankin & Forrest and Helen MacDonald Memorial Scholarships    


Donations to the Clan Donald Foundation are tax deductible as allowed by the IRS.