Welcome to the Clan Donald South Pacific Region

Welcome to the Clan Donald South Pacific Region.
Our Region is made up of Southern California, Arizona, Hawaii, and Guam.


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I'd like to take this opportunity to explain some changes in the South Pacific region that you may or may not have heard about
(see Committee letter in the recent Cuimhnich newsletter). At the Detroit AGM, the Regional Realignment Committee, chaired
by our own Diane Carey-Schmitz, recommended some changes in some regional alignments. One of those changes affected
South Pacific, Central Pacific, and the Rocky Mountain Regions. Effective immediately, Arizona is now part of the South Pacific
Region and it and its games are no longer part of the Rocky Mountain region. Central Pacific and Pacific Southwest will
also combine on January 1st.

That means the new region called Pacific Southwest, will include all of California, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii, and Guam.
This does not affect any individual members, it just changes Commissioner/Convener responsibilities in some cases.
Regional Commissioners, Treasurers, Membership chairs, etc. will combine and streamline. We might even have more
coverage in some of the smaller games we've not been able to make in the past. It's all for the good. As for right now,
I am still your regional commissioner. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at .

Yours Aye,
Kathleen Nohe, CDR, USNR-Ret
Regional Commissioner
South Pacific Region
Clan Donald USA

Kathleen Nohe

South Pacific Regional Commissioner


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