Welcome to the Pacific Southwest Region

Our Region is made up of Arizona, California, Hawaii, and Nevada.


Ted Fox

Ted Fox

Pacific Southwest Regional Commissioner


       Latha math! 


      I wanted to take a moment of your new year to introduce myself as your new Regional Commissioner and help paint a better picture of our new region.

     Many of you have heard or read about the CDUSA Region Realignment that Diane Carey-Schmitz has overseen, but for some, this may be new news, so a quick recap. As of Jan 1, 2020 the South Pacific and Central Pacific regions of Clan Donald USA have been merged to create the Pacific Southwest region (CDUSA-PSW) that is made up of California, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii & Guam. I realize that many members of Clan Donald don't think often about what region they are a member of, and if everything is going smoothly, that is how it should be. So this change will hopefully not be overly noticeable, though you may start to see Pacific Southwest in place of your old region on communications. The goal of this change is so that the administration of the clan can move forward, stronger, by benefit of more hands pulling on the oars. The Region's leadership is still being firmed up, but I feel that it is going to be a good blend of both regions and complete the puzzle a bit more than each region had on its own. You can look forward to more information about the new region in the Facebook group and Newsletter. 

     With the big news bit out of the way, I wanted to make my introduction for those I haven't met yet. I started helping at Clan Donald events up in Northern California back in the late 80's. Though before my Clan Donald experience, I grew up around Scottish culture. My Grandmother started the Shasta Scots up in Redding, holding bi-monthly events for folks of Scottish heritage to come together and share their passion for all things Scottish, and through that organization my Grandfather helped form the Shasta Scots pipe band, that eventually merged into the Jefferson Pipe Band. My early service to the clan was helping my Aunt, Bonnie Thompson, whom many of you know from her various positions in Clan Donald, at games and events and I cherish my memories of Doug Murdock and Bill Johnson from that time. I stepped away from the clan for a decade or so while I went to college and got established in my career as a Stagehand in San Francisco. During that time I met my wife Karen at a theater we were both working at. She supported me in offering to help out with the tent at the Pleasnton games back a few years ago and like the Men of Worth song we became Cavaliers of the Clan Tent! 

     I hope to combine my experience in managing live events and knowledge of technology, with my deeply ingrained love of Scottish history & tradition and Clan Donald lore to strengthen the clan as we move forward into a new decade. I am going to try my best to make it down to Southern California and out to Arizona to meet as many of you in person as I can & this may also just be the perfect excuse to go and visit Hawaii, but even if we haven't met in person yet, please feel free to reach out to me at any time if you have a question or a problem with any aspect of your experience with Clan Donald USA. I may not know the answer directly but I will endeavor to find it for you.


Thanks & Have a good one,

Ted Fox

Regional Commissioner

CDUSA-Pacific Southwest Region